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Dental bridges can restore that amazing smile you once had
replace damaged or missing teeth with dental bridges
Dental bridges can restore your broken or damaged smile
Affordable dental bridges at Randall Dentistry in University Park, TX

The Miracle of Dental Bridges and How They Can Transform Your Smile


Dental bridges replace missing teeth which for many patients can totally transform their life.  That’s because missing teeth makes it difficult to chew without pain or smile without embarrassment. If missing teeth are not promptly treated, they can cause your remaining teeth to shift and become crooked.

Bridges have been used for years to replace missing teeth and these appliances can remedy the pain and difficulties associated with missing teeth.


In a dental bridge, your existing teeth are used as anchors. The bridge fills in the gap caused by missing teeth.  Dr. Randall and the team at Randall Dentistry use bridges that are made from various high-quality, high-strength materials, including gold, metal, alloys, or porcelain.

If you would like your bridge to fit seamlessly with the rest of your beautiful smile, an appliance that’s made of high-quality, high-strength materials is a good option for you. These materials are durable and stain-resistant. Best of all, these materials imitate the color and reflective properties of natural teeth.


During the process, Dr. Randall will administer a local anesthetic to numb the area. This will allow you to remain comfortable throughout the process. If the patient requires additional peace of mind, dental sedation is available.

Dr. Randall will prepare the abutment teeth by recontouring them to accommodate the crowns. He will then create impressions of the teeth and send them to the technicians at the lab we work with and trust.

Once your final dental bridge is ready, you will return to our office. Dr. Randall will check the fit. He will then use an adhesive to permanently cement your dental bridge.