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Keep your teeth healthy with a routine dental exam
Detect oral cancer early with a routine dental exam
Keep your kids' teeth bright and beautiful with a routine dental exam

How a routine dental exam can help you have an amazing smile

The biggest mistake people make when they think they have perfectly healthy teeth occurs when they skip their dental exam.  Whether your teeth look amazing or whether they don’t have any pain, that’s no reason to skip a dental exam.

For example, the first symptom people with a life-threatening heart condition have is a fatal heart attack.  So, basing your need (or lack thereof) for coming in for a routine dental exam on whether your teeth and/or gums “hurt” is like playing with a lit stick of dynamite.

Reasons why you want to see your dentist for a routine exam

Firstly, the exam will help identify cavities and gum disease … while they’re still easy to treat.  Secondly, by visiting your dentist every six months you’ll be able to know if you’re at risk for serious conditions like oral cancer and/or diabetes.

What to expect during your dental exam

In addition to that, dental exams are often paired with dental cleanings and, in many cases, our dental hygienist will clean your teeth before the actual exam. If it’s your first time at Randall dentistry, Dr. Randall will ask you questions about your overall oral health, medical history and medications you may be taking.

Then, using small instruments and a mirror, BioRejuvenation Dentist Dr. Randall will carefully examine the inside of your mouth for signs of tooth decay, gum disease, oral cancer and other issues.  He’ll also check tooth alignment, signs of habits such as tooth grinding, check your bite and chewing system (i.e., “your TMJ joint and its function“).

Your entire exam will be pain-free, though there could be a little tenderness when Dr. Randall is checking for signs of gum disease.  Once your exam is over, you’ll either schedule your next regular appointment or discuss next steps if Dr. Randall finds an issue that needs treatment. That’s it!

So, in conclusion … you have read:

  • That a dental exam can detect cavities and gum disease
  • How this exam can help detect serious illnesses (like oral cancer which is on the rise) while it’s still easy to treat.
  • That dental hygiene appointments are often paired with your exam (which saves you time, effort and money).
  • And you’ve read that it’s a good idea to schedule your dental exam at least every six months.

So, if keeping your natural teeth healthy and disease free sounds good to you … and if having a beautiful, radiant smile is something you’d love to have … I want to encourage you to call our office at (214) 751-4901 and schedule your next dental exam.

Most dental insurance plans include two free exams per calendar year, and if you’d love to hear what Dr. Randall’s have to say about him, his team and how much they love being his patients … be sure to check out our patient’s video testimonials below!

Check out these amazing patient testimonials!

Patient BEFORE BioRejuvenation Dentistry with Drew Randall DDS

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Patient AFTER BioRejuvenation Dentistry with Drew Randall DDS

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