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Randall Dentistry in Dallas TX offers Emergency Dentistry services
Randall dentistry's emergency dentistry services are 24/7
emergency dentistry can save your teeth
Emergency dentistry services at Randall Dentistry in Dallas TX

Emergency Dentistry Services Can Prevent You From Permanently Losing Your Teeth

Dr. Drew Randall Is Always On Call

The Saving Grace Of Emergency Dentistry

A knocked-out tooth or bitten tongue can cause panic for any parent whose teenager is suddenly in pain, and even put a regular adult off-balance if they don’t know who to call.  As Dr. Randall says: “Quick thinking and staying calm are the best ways to approach these types of surprising but common dental emergencies and prevent unnecessary further damage or costly dental restoration.”

First, you can quickly address immediate pain and inflammation by applying a cold compress to reduce swelling. Then, of course, you can contact our office as soon as possible for same-day dentistry from the professionals who can make the right emergency treatment recommendations.

Benefits of Emergency Dentistry

Emergency dentistry may also be important if you experience any sudden sharp or persistent pain. You can call our dental staff to ask us about possible home remedies and schedule an appointment for the very same day, if the pain is severe enough to impact your daily life, to get a professional examination and diagnosis.

The benefits of calling our office immediately after a dental accident last long after any initial pain or swelling is reduced. Our dental team will see you in our office as soon as possible to address the short-term issues of pain, swelling, or bleeding. Beyond that, we can perform a complete examination to identify the full extent of the damage that may or may not be visible to the naked eye.

Avoid More Pain and Difficult Dental Procedures

Internal bleeding, bone fractures, and other injuries may be even more severe than a chipped tooth, but not immediately noticeable. By diagnosing the full extent of any accident or injury, we can treat the entire area so that it heals as close as possible to its healthy condition before the trauma.

If left untreated, your teeth and gums may not heal properly, causing uneven tooth wear and decay over time or even leading to an infection that causes significant damage to the strength of your teeth, gums, and jaw. By contacting us, you can avoid more pain and difficult dental procedures in the future and heal properly now.

If you’re having a dental emergency, time is of the essence. Call now for an appointment – (214) 750-4901

Be sure to watch what our patients have to say about our emergency dentistry services in the testimonial video below